10 best quiz games and trivia games for Android

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Quiz games and trivia games have dominated the media over the last several decades. Hits like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader have retained their popularity for years, even up through this day. While it’s fun to sit at home and watch people try to win, there are many ways that you can enjoy that kind of brain-teasing fun yourself. Here are the best quiz games and trivia games for Android! You can also click here to check out the best ones for iPhone and iPad as well!

HQ Trivia is one of the most popular quiz games from 2018. It features a game show style unlike anything else on this list. That includes a real host that asks you questions live at certain times of the day. Those who answer correctly proceed while those who answer incorrectly are eliminated. The people left at the end split real, actual prize money. You won’t be able to quit your job to play HQ Trivia, but winning feels pretty good when it pays for a meal or two. Games take place every day at 9PM EST as well as weekdays at 3PM EST, so you have 12 opportunities per week to play. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases. We named this game one of the best of 2018, a rare achievement for a quiz game.

Quizup is one of the most popular quiz games out there. The game features online PvP. Players score more points by answering questions faster than the other player. The winner is the player who scores the most points. There are a ton of categories and the number consistently expands. There are also special categories. They usually come out around big events like holidays, movie releases, etc. It’s a bit more social than most trivia games. That could be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for. It’s above average, but its advertising can get quite annoying from time to time.

Trivia 360 is one of the newer quiz games. It’s looks and feels like a traditional style trivia game. It comes with thousands of questions, true or false questions, riddles, and various categories. There are also leaderboards to see how well you’re doing. Aside from that, it’s a relatively simple trivia game. The interface is colorful, but easy to learn. About the only downsides are that the landmark questions are generally US based. Also, there are quite a few ads and no way to get rid of them. Other than that, it’s not bad.

Trivia 360

If we missed any of the best quiz games or trivia games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can check out our latest app lists by clicking here!

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