10 professional apps you can use with iPad Pro

10 professional apps you can use with iPad Pro

With a wider screen and USB-C port in the last days of October New iPad Pro model was introduced to you. Owned A12X Bionic The new iPad Pro, which has a very successful performance thanks to its processor, was introduced in 2018 according to many tests. MacBook Pro offers even better performance.

Although it is very successful in hardware and performance issues, it is possible to iPad Procannot replace a laptop due to the limited applications offered by the iOS operating system. In this article, we look closely at the 10 professional applications you can use with iPad Pro.

Procreat to

One of the most successful applications that can be integrated with Apple Pencil Procreat tois a very successful alternative for users who want to draw. 10 dollars abroad, if in our country 69,99 TL With a price tag, Procreate offers a total of 136 brushes.

Affinity Designer

Offering a solution similar to Adobe Illustrator for iPad models Affinity Designerstands out as a highly professional design application. Affinity Designer, which allows you to save files as PDF, PSD, EPS, SVG, JPEG or PNG 134,99 TL with price tag.

Affinity Photo

The 3rd application of our list is Affinity's photo-oriented solution Affinity Photo. As its name suggests, the photo editing application, Affinity Photo, has a very similar interface with the Photoshop application. Affinity Photo is just like Affinity Designer 134,99 TL Let's add that the price tag.

the lumafusio

Video fiction application the lumafusioallows you to edit your videos and create videos without the need for any laptop or computer. With LumaFusion and the new generation of iPad Pro, it is even possible to create 4K resolution videos. The price of the application 134,99 TL.

Ferrite Recording Studio

Voice recording and editing application Ferrite Recording StudioIs a powerful alternative for users who record podcasts or interviews. Ferrite Recording Studio has two versions, both free and Premium.

Microsoft Office Suite

Presenting today's most used office applications Microsoft Office Suiteoffers a successful experience. Microsoft Office Suite, offering Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint solutions iOS one of the most successful office solutions in the ecosystem.


Just like Affinity Photo is a photo editing application PixelmatorIt offers a simpler solution for users who find the Affinity Photo complex complex. Pixelmator, which has a price tag of 34,99 TL, also allows you to open RAW files.

BeatMaker 3

For users interested in sound and music, BeatMaker 3 is one of the leading alternatives to the iOS ecosystem, offering a very close experience to the desktop experience. BeatMaker 3 Let's add that the application has a price tag of 169.99 TL.


Offering a professional solution especially for those who want to write books scrivenerallows you to control all your research and notes with a single application. Scrivener, one of the expensive applications of the list, is in our country 134,99 TL with price tag.

PDF Expert

Especially for the iPad Pro users in the business world PDF ExpertIt offers a successful solution for those who frequently use PDF files. PDF Expert, which allows you to open and edit PDF files, 69,99 TL with price tag.

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