500 3rd Exit of Istanbul: Cloudpipes

500 3rd Exit of Istanbul: Cloudpipes

Previously occurring Movielal to and ParachuteAfter Istanbul, the third exit of 500 Istanbul is based in Bulgaria. Cloudpipes'of Quickbase sale with. Founding of Boris Raicheff, Marco Starace and Spartak Kabakchiev Cloudpipes stands out with its cloud based application integration service and especially drag and drop structure.

Differentiated with its flexible platform and easy to use, the company led by 500 Istanbul at the end of 2018 last investment completed. Launched by Bulgaria-based Launchhub and Brightcap.

Let's go to Quick Base, which bought Cloudpipes: an enterprise application development platform funded by Vista Equity Partners. The Boston-based company, which enables organizations to develop software according to their needs, works with large companies such as Swisscom, Sodexo and P&G.

This acquisition is also very important for Quick Base with its codeless software, integration infrastructure and workflow automation features. Cloudpipes’s ability to work fully integrated with more than 150 SaaS applications, hybrid (cloud and on-prem) infrastructure and easy to use (drag and drop) coincide with Quick Base's vision of creating next-generation enterprise solutions.

I think that fast growth and acquisitions will continue in the vertical and horizontal solutions around business automation and workflow management and competition will be heated. All companies, big and small, focused on corporate software, tend to shift to this field by developing the integration capacities of both new products and products.

500 Istanbul has been targeting companies with global focus since its establishment and a large part of its portfolio consists of b2b software companies. I hope we will have the same success for other initiatives aiming to be one of the leading players in the fast growing b2b sectors, as in the case of Cloudpipes, by establishing sales and marketing offices in different countries.

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