8 mobile apps to help you focus

8 mobile apps to help you focus

With the development of technology has become an indispensable part of my life smart phonesThey make it difficult for us to focus on a particular topic during the day. The main reason we cannot focus is the notifications from our applications. While mobile applications are the basis of the problem, some mobile applications provide a solution to this problem. This is our list focus your It will help 8 mobile applications will look closely.

Focus To-Do

The first application of our list Focus To-Doaims to concentrate during the day. Focus To-Do is an application that brings together the to-do lists with the Pomodoro technique that allows you to focus, and aims the user to focus on their work with 25-minute work periods. Focus To-Do app for Android from here, for iOS from here You can download.


Just like Focus To-Do, the focus is on the Pomodoro technique. engrossUnlike other applications, it contains motivational messages. Engross helps its users to focus on these messages, Engross includes a timer, to-do list and planning features. Engross app for Android from here You can download.

Brain Focus Productivity Timer

An application that allows users to focus on their work for 25 minutes. Brain Focus Productivity Timerworks mainly as a time manager using the Pomodoro technique. Brain Focus Productivity Timer app for Android from here You can download.

Focus Booster

With its simple design, it is a focus Focus BoosterUnlike its competitors, it also has dark fashion. Focus Booster, which applies the Pomodoro technique like other applications of our list, is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Focus Booster app for Android from herefor iOS from here You can download.


One of the most interesting applications on our list Freedomis a mobile app that prevents you from using other apps that prevent you from focusing. With the Freedom app you can block your time playing games or social media apps for specific periods of time. Freedom app for Android from herefor iOS from here You can download.


One of the most popular applications on our list Forestallows you to grow a virtual tree during your focus. If you switch to another application while using Forest, the tree you are growing is dying. With the Forest app you can build your virtual forest by focusing. If you like Forest app for Android from herefor iOS from here You can download.


Serving as a concentration application where you can determine how long you want to concentrate during the day and monitor your daily development Spaceallows you to share your progress with your friends on social media. If you like Space application for Android from herefor iOS from here You can download.


Having meditation and sleep practice Headspace: Meditation & Sleep, popular list of our applications. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep, which is generally used before sleep or in the morning, can be used to sleep more comfortably by meditating or to start the day better. Headspace app for Android from herefor iOS from here You can download.

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