A hotel in Japan offers $ 1 in exchange for sleeping live on YouTube

A hotel in Japan offers $ 1 in exchange for sleeping live on YouTube

A hotel called Asahi Ryokan in Japan has used an extraordinary method to attract new customers. Tetsuya Inoue, 27, who runs the hotel, owned by her grandmother, opened one of the rooms live on YouTube.

Inspired by a British traveler who came to the hotel's live hotel, Inoue said the hotel was old so he needed a new business model. Considering that the hotel is located in a cheap neighborhood, Inoue decided to increase its value by offering everyone a special touch.

Inoue broadcasts the number 8 of the hotel room live on YouTube and receives well under $ 1 a night for those who wish to stay there. Guests staying in Room 8 will be broadcast live on YouTube during the entire stay.

Although they have agreed to connect to YouTube, the privacy of their guests is also a concern. In addition to the lack of camera in the bathroom, the live sound is not used. Thus, guests can make phone calls or conversations in the room in complete privacy.

At the moment, the hotel continues to lose money in room 8. However, with the growing popularity of the YouTube channel, the hotel will be able to receive advertising for this channel. One Dollar Hotel, which has more than 5,000 subscribers, views its videos almost 5,000 times.

If you sleep like other guests and do not hesitate to connect live on YouTube, you can choose Asahi Ryokan during your visit to Fukuoka, Japan.

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