A new step from YouTube Music in competition with Apple Music and Spotify

YouTube & # 039; s changing the copyright application process may increase blocked content

In the field of digital music broadcasting, where there is a serious competition day by day, we can say that it is a rising player despite being a long established company. YouTube Musicis a very interesting and remarkable step. The company's YouTube Music application, including their Pixel series smartphones, Android 10 and Android 9announced that it will be installed in advance on all new devices supported. This is a serious move to increase the popularity of the application should be noted.

This move of YouTube takes place at a time when the company's music strategy needs change. Music listeners using an Android device will be able to use the YouTube Music app to publish their own music and discover new music without the need to download it from the app store.

In terms of the digital music platform, Google manages both YouTube Music founded in 2015 and Google Play Music founded in 2011. Unlike Google Play Music, YouTube Music offered YouTube Red and YouTube Premium features. Last April, however, Google confirmed that Google Play Music would be replaced with YouTube Music, which announced that Google Play's closure of Artist Hub was part of a wider strategy for combining two music services.

However, the YouTube Music application automatically appears on new Android phones, but Google Play Music hasn't been shut down yet. Instead, the company says that for Android 10 devices, listeners can continue to use the service by downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store if they wish. Those who do not have a new Android device will also be able to download the YouTube Music app from the Google Play Store.

As a result, it is possible to say that YouTube Music has made a move that will seriously shake rivals Spotify and Apple Music in contentious digital music broadcasting. However, the platform needs to take more important steps in order to strengthen its position in this market.

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