Acquisition: Codemasters buys Project Cars developer [Notiz]

Übernahme: Codemasters kauft Project-Cars-Entwickler

Acquisition: Codemasters buys Project Cars developer
Image: Slightly Mad Studios

Codemasters has acquired Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios for around $ 30 million. The now no longer independent studio had previously also Need for Speed: Shift 1 and 2 developed and at the beginning of a fantastic-seeming, but since tacitly submerged game console announced.

According to Games Industry Codemaster, as part of the deal, will take over the entire team and, with it, the full know-how of the racing game specialist who is currently working on a mobile game, a private label game and a triple A title of a well-known brand, Fast & Furious , The publisher bundles a large part of racing game brands and studios under one roof.

The purchase price of 30 million US dollars, of which 5 in shares, is only a base amount. A so-called earn-out clause supplements it with a performance-related component whose upper limit is $ 166 million. According to analysts, the site is expected to total $ 67.9 million.

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