Adobe: Illustrator follows Photoshop on the iPad

Adobe: Illustrator follows Photoshop on the iPad
Image: Adobe

Adobe brings after the image editing program Photoshop CC and the painting and drawing app Fresco also his vector-based graphics and drawing program illustrator on that iPad, The focus is on the integration of the Creative Cloud and a seamless collaboration between desktop and iPad.

Photoshop is followed by Illustrator

From the iPad Pro to the iPad mini, Adobe has just begun Photoshop brought in a first version on the iPad, as well as the graphics and drawing program Illustrator in a touch optimized version for the tablet of Apple and iPadOS consequences. As with Photoshop, the integration of the Creative Cloud should play a central role, which in turn should facilitate access to brushes, filters and fonts across platforms.

Working with vector-based graphics seamlessly moves from the iPad to the classic desktop and back, like Adobe in his blog telling.

Everything you create in Illustrator can be saved to the Creative Cloud, which means you want to create your desktop and iPad.


Beta already started – release in 2020

Adobe Illustrator will be released in the course of 2020 and how Photoshop will be linked to an Adobe ID as part of a Creative Cloud membership. Owners of a valid subscription to the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator will probably be able to use the app at no extra cost. A single subscription will be at the same level as the iPad version of Photoshop, which costs € 10.99 per month.

Currently a first non-public beta version of Illustrator is being tested together with the worldwide community. Users and prospects who want to enroll in a beta test can do so via the following link do and receive “early access”.

Adobe Illustrator should appear in 2020 for the iPad
Adobe Illustrator to be released in 2020 for the iPad (Image: Adobe)

Fresco now also for the Windows PC

In addition to Photoshop and the upcoming version of Illustrator, Adobe already has the painting and drawing app Fresco published for the iPad and now a version for Windows PCs later. Adobe Fresco costs as a single subscription as most Apps the Creative Cloud membership 10.99 euros per month.

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