After Anthem: Ben Irving leaves Bioware after 8 years [Notiz]

Nach Anthem: Ben Irving verlässt Bioware nach 8 Jahren

Ben Irving leaves BioWare after eight years to work at another studio. This was what the lead producer of Anthem told his followers on Twitter. He's always wanted to work for BioWare after playing Baldur's Gate for the first time. The message comes after the release of the Cataclysm update.

He himself is grateful for the support of fans and colleagues and see for the action game Anthem a successful future. Although the development of Anthem and the bumpy release brought some difficulties, he enjoyed working with the community and his own team. Reason for his change should be an offer of an unspecified developer studio.

Irving acted as lead producer for Anthem and the additions to Star Wars: The Old Republic. He has also worked on many of the company's other projects over the past eight years. Recently, BioWare had to deal with serious allegations, which hard working conditions and lack of concept in the development of the loot shooter Anthem thematized.

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