If the alarm applications you use and alarms are not enough to remove you from your bed, the Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) application is just for you. With different alarm modes, it guarantees you to leave your bed.

The Alarmy app, which introduces the cat as the World’s Most Nervous Disturbing Alarm App and succeeds in taking the first place in many list of applications, 80 countries including Germany, France and South Korea are the first in AppStore.

When you download the app, the alarm list appears first. You can see the alarms you created in this list. When you press the Add Alarm button on the screen, you can add a new alarm by opening the box.

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The most important feature that differentiates Alarmy from other alarm applications is that it has three different alarm off modes. These alarm shutdown modes are as follows;

Photo Mode: In Alarmy, this option on the Settings screen allows you to take a snapshot of the recorded location by taking your bed to turn off the alarm. If you have not taken the picture, the alarm will continue to sound.

Shake Mode: Another mode you can turn on to turn off the alarm is Shake mode. This option allows you to turn off the alarm by shaking your phone, allowing us to set the shake power of the phone.

Math Problem Mode: The math problem mode that makes the application successful, allows you to answer the math question that comes up to close the alarm. You should know that the alarm will not turn off if you do not do this correctly.

Alarmy application, user-friendly interface and easy to use also meets the expectations of users of the alarm application. With its extremely simple screens, this application offers a functional structure that allows users to change their preferences thanks to the Settings section.

The settings page allows you to make many changes to the application. You can manage all the features from the location information to the time of snooze the alarm.

The Alarmy application works seamlessly on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can make in-app purchases to take advantage of the advanced options of this free application. You can download Alarmy from Google Play and App Store.

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