Amazon: AirPods competitor and greater echo in conversation

Amazon: AirPods-Konkurrent und größerer Echo im Gespräch

On the eve of Amazon's annual echoing event in Seattle, to which the company recently invited, there are again rumors of an AirPods rival and a larger echo speaker with better sound.

Already in April of this year rumors had come up after which Amazon is working on headphones in the style of Apple's AirPods, which should offer an Alexa integration. Since then, it has been quiet about this rumor, but CNBC now reports that Amazon is working on AirPods, which in addition to Alexa will also provide a tracking function for sports activities. Among other things, they should be able to record the distance traveled, the speed and the calories consumed. It would be the first devices from Amazon, which provide such a feature.

For less than $ 100 significantly cheaper than Apple

The new, wireless in-ear headphones are to be developed under the code name “Puget”. However, they will not work without a direct connection to a smartphone, with support for Android and iOS. The price of Amazon's True Wireless in-ear headphones is said to be under $ 100 to beat the competition, mainly in the form of Apple's AirPods, which have a market share of around 60 percent. A strategy that Amazon pursues with many products in order to establish its own services.

Bigger echo with integrated subwoofer

In addition, CNBC would like to know that Amazon is working on a larger echo speaker, which has a subwoofer integrated and should provide a much better sound than the previous model. Amazon already offers its own subwoofer, the Echo Sub, which can be paired with echo speakers to a 1.1 or 2.1 pair of speakers.

However, CNBC has not been able to find out when the new products will be released. Whether they will be presented tomorrow at the Echo event is uncertain.


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