Amazon: Alexa becomes more emotional and less demanding

Amazon: Alexa wird emotionaler und weniger anspruchsvoll

Amazon is currently testing a new feature for Alexa in the US that will make the digital voice assistant more emotional. Depending on the user's request, Alexa may respond with disappointment or joy, which should make the interaction more personal.

For example, Amazon knows about the user's favorite footballing team and if he asks the football results, Alexa can be happy in a victory and disappointed in a defeat. Amazon is currently testing this new emotionality with three intensity levels ranging from Low, Mid to High. Users should, according to an evaluation of the first results of the test, be happier with Alexa, if they respond emotionally. So far, Alexa's emotional response is just for English voice output and is not yet available in Germany. When this is introduced nationwide and also in other regions, is currently still open.

In addition, Amazon in the US and Australia with new language styles, news and music (US only). The speech styles adjust Alexa's voice to the message content she reads. Depending on the content, certain words are emphasized, the intonation adjusted and pauses incorporated.

Lower requirements halve costs

As TechCrunch reports, Alexa will also be less demanding in the future for the hardware it runs on. Previously at least 100 MB of RAM and a Cortex-A processor were necessary, so in the future already 1 MB of memory and a Cortex-M processor should be enough to operate Alexa. This reduces the cost of hardware manufacturers by half. The savings are achieved by more outsourcing operations to the Amazon cloud, which puts the company in exactly the opposite direction of Google, which wants to significantly accelerate by a greater processing directly on the device, the Google Assistant. For Alexa, however, the devices will only have to be able to understand the wake-up word “Alexa” and forward the requests to the cloud.

The vision of the ubiquity of Alexa

What constitutes a horror scenario for many readers is the vision of Amazon manager Dirk Didascalou, who, with more favorable support for more and more devices, has in mind an omnipresent language assistant,ambient intelligence“And one”Ambient computing space“At which the user can talk to his environment at any time and it reacts to him.


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