Amazon can generate $ 1.2 billion in revenue from PillPack in 2020

Amazon can generate $ 1.2 billion in revenue from PillPack in 2020

The digital pharmacy PillPack, which Amazon bought for $ 753 million in June 2018, may be a goose that lays gold. The company, which made 299 million dollars revenue last year, is expected to reach 635 million and 1.2 billion dollars in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The platform, which is integrated into the Amazon Prime customer service, is currently working to provide mail transfer to its customers. In order to provide millions of new customers to companies, Amazon has been working on large insurance companies, and we are very aggressive in the market.

According to a secret document from CNBC, the Blue Cross Blue Shield, a union of 36 health insurance companies covering more than 100 million Americans, contacted PillPack to provide this service to its members. Although no agreement has been reached, the document shows that Blue Cross will provide discounts on home-made drugs and possibly a branded drug distributor as well as home delivery and other benefits. Let's share that the Blue Cross spokesman avoids answering these claims.

According to experts, however, the main reason behind the Amazon's purchase of PillPack was not to enter the pharmaceutical industry. It is stated that the company, which is less interested in operating a pharmacy, together with PillPack, is about finding a new way to get into the people's home.

In the US, nominal expenditure on the pharmaceutical industry in 2016 reached $ 450 billion in 2016. In 2017, the industry's most profitable companies were Pfizer with $ 52.5 billion and Roche with $ 44.4 billion.

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