Amazon Cloud Cam: Employees evaluate video footage

Amazon Cloud Cam: Mitarbeiter werten Videoaufnahmen aus

That Amazon evaluates the conversations recorded with Alexa, is recently known. But even video footage of the Amazon Cloud Cam are spotted by employees of the company. According to Amazon, these are exclusively voluntarily submitted photos, but former employees paint a different picture.

Not only Alexa is checked by hand

After it became known that data from Alexa recordings continue to live despite deletion and are stored without time limit, the clarification that temporary workers in Poland monitor and evaluate voice recordings at home made for little surprises.

Obviously, in addition to the conversations of Alexa also video recordings of the Alexa Cloud Cam are spotted and viewed in the context of the evaluation of employees, such as Bloomberg now reported.

Employees evaluate 150 videos a day

Bloomberg refers to five former employees of Amazon. According to them, dozens of Amazon employees in India and Romania are testing video footage of the Cloud Cam to optimize the surveillance camera's AI algorithms. Amazon assures that the video recordings are voluntarily submitted data of its customers, the five former employees doubt it but according to the news magazine. According to the report, Amazon employees see every day in about 150 video recordings with 20 to 30 seconds in length and evaluate them. Loud Bloomberg For example, the responsible employees work in an restricted area in India. Nonetheless, this would have already passed material to other employees, the report said.

Pictures, audio and video recordings affected

Amazon secures itself already in the terms of the Cloud Cam accordingly. It states that the company reserves the right to process images, audio and video recorded by devices in order to improve its products and services accordingly. That humans are used for the evaluation, is however not explicitly listed.

In terms of privacy, Amazon does not come out of the negative headlines. At the end of 2018, reports appeared that Amazon employees should have sold customer data. The fact that the evaluation of the data is purely a program for improving the quality of Amazon's products may at least be called into question.


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