Amazon Echo Buds: Wireless Alexa in-ear headphones with Bose ANC

Amazon Echo Buds: Kabellose Alexa-In-Ear-Kopfhörer mit ANC von Bose

In addition to the Echo Studio is also the second speculative new product from Amazon arrived: wireless in-ear headphones with Alexa as a competitor to Apple's AirPods. They are cheaper than the AirPods and offer active noise cancellation with Bose technology that Apple can not match.

Like any other Alexa loudspeaker, Alexa can also be activated via the keyword “Alexa” for the wireless headphones, whereupon it waits for questions or commands from the user via the built-in microphones. For the necessary Internet connection, the carrying of a paired smartphone is required.

Control via tap and with Siri or Google Assistant

Each of the two earphones has two Balanced Armature drivers and can be controlled by tapping the case. For example, double-tapping switches the active noise suppression on or off if, for example, you want to briefly hear the ambient noise while jogging. If you keep your finger on the earphone pressed, the voice assistant of the smartphone is activated, ie the competition from Amazon in the form of Apple Siri or the Google Assistant.

5 hours of battery life, 20 with the charging case

The new Echo Buds should offer a battery life of about 5 hours on a single charge. The included charging cover can be extended by 15 hours to a total of 20 hours.

Amazon Echo Buds
Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds
Amazon Echo Buds

In the US in the fall for $ 129

The Echo Buds can be pre-ordered in the US today for a price of $ 129. Amazon has not yet specified an exact delivery date, but says that they will be available this fall. Thus, the wireless in-ear headphones are cheaper than the approximately 60 percent market share holding Apple AirPods, which start in the US from 159 US dollars.

Timely start in Germany unlikely

When the Echo Buds start in Germany and at what price Amazon will offer them in this country, is not yet known. In the German press release on the new Echo devices, the wireless headphones do not appear, which is why a timely availability in Germany is currently unlikely. Unlike in the US, they can not be pre-ordered in this country.


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