Amazon lawsuit: Court stops Pentagon’s 10 billion order to Microsoft

Amazon-Klage: Gericht stoppt 10-Mrd.-Auftrag des Pentagons an Microsoft

The award of a JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) cloud contract with a total value of around $ 10 billion not only caused astonishment after the Pentagon surprisingly awarded it to Microsoft, but has meanwhile also had far-reaching legal consequences.

Amazon filed a lawsuit back in November last year because the company saw the decision driven by undue personal interference from the U.S. President. Meanwhile, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos demands to hear Trump as a witness in the court case under oath. When the Pentagon awarded the order, cloud market leader Amazon was previously a sure winner because the company already has several law enforcement agencies in the United States among its customers, but surprisingly competitor Microsoft was awarded the contract.

An injunction stops the order for the time being

Now Amazon was able to get a first victory in court in the form of an injunction, with which the court initially stopped the order because of the pending lawsuit. The Department of Defense commented the decision, saying that it was disappointed with the decision, unnecessarily delaying the Department of Defense’s modernization strategy, and giving the military “much needed resources“Withhold. Nevertheless, one is confident that the award of the contract to Microsoft will remain after an examination by the court.

We are disappointed in today’s ruling and believe the actions taken in this litigation have unnecessarily delayed implementing DoD’s modernization strategy and deprived our warfighters of a set of capabilities they urgently need. However, we are confident in our award of the JEDI cloud contract to Microsoft.

US Department of Defense

Amazon asks for another check

Amazon has listed several errors in the award to Microsoft in the lawsuit, which is why the “most plausible“The explanation for the decision is the pressure from the US President, the company said. Amazon calls for a renewed review of the award with a new decision Jeff Bezos owns Amazon Washington as well as the Washington Post, which repeatedly reports critically about the US President, which is why a personal feud has developed between Bezos and Trump.


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