Amazon: New features and more privacy for Alexa

Amazon: Neue Funktionen und mehr Datenschutz für Alexa

In addition to a new Echo Dot with Watch, Echo, the larger Echo Studio and the Echo Buds, Amazon also introduced new features and privacy options for Alexa last night, after the company had recently responded with new options that prevent people from listening.

Only a few days ago, Google also announced that it would only be able to listen in on voice recordings after opt-in.

Automatic deletion of voice recordings

Alexa and Echo devices already offer the option to delete data by voice. Users can use “Alexa, delete everything I said today“Or”Alexa, delete what I just said“Delete their records. With the function “Automatic deletion“Amazon will later this year give customers the opportunity to regularly delete their records that are older than three or 18 months, automatically. This feature complements the existing capabilities to view and delete individual records – or all at once. However, the automatic deletion function is not automatically activated, but must be activated by the user.

The keyword “Alexa” is said to have worked about 50 percent more reliable over the past year and so avoid false records more frequently.

Alexa ask what crap has done

Should Alexa nevertheless do something that the user did not intend to do, he can ask the language assistant in future with two new functions for clarification. If the user wants to know what Alexa has actually understood, they will be able to use a voice command “Alexa, what did you hear?“This is what Alexa asks. She then reads the last request. On “Alexa, why did you do that?“She responds with a short explanation of her answer to the last command. This function should be activated in the coming weeks.

Alexa can also speak faster or slower soon

A new non-privacy feature is the ability to ask Alexa to speak slower or faster. This allows Alexa to adapt to different needs. Users can choose from a total of seven speeds: the standard speed, four faster levels and two slower ones. With the commands “Alexa, speak slower“Or”Alexa, speak faster“The speed is regulated with every Alexa-enabled device. Alexa returns to the original speed with the request “Alexa, speak at normal speed” back. When this function is exactly available, but is not yet known.

Alexa can also whisper in German shortly

Alexa, for example, who uses the shared bedroom, can also let Alexa whisper in German in the future. If you whisper to Alexa at the request, she answers in a whisper.

More natural voice and the voice of celebrities

In addition, with a new Neural Text-to-Speech engine, Amazon Alexa will sound more natural in the future, with machine learning improving pronunciation. In the US, this technique is already in use today. In addition, Alexa can soon be used multilingual. In the US, in addition to English, parallel Spanish will be used in future, without having to change the speaker setup. In addition to English, French also has access to English and Hindi to English in addition to English. When other countries follow, is not yet known.

In addition, the voices of prominent people can soon be hired as Alexa's voice, responding with specific responses to requests. The feature will cost 99 cents per activated voice in the US, but is not active in skills, among other things. The first vote will be offered later this year Samuel L. Jackson.


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