Android Auto: Big update with new design is distributed

Android Auto: Großes Update mit neuem Design wird verteilt

Android Auto: Big update with new design is distributed
Image: Google

At I / O 2019, Google unveiled a new design for Android Auto and promised to release it over the summer. Now it is so far and first users get the new Android car. However, it can take several weeks to be delivered to all smartphones.

The new design is included in version 4.5.5928 of the Android Auto App. If you have not yet received an update to the new version, you can download and install the app directly via the APK file. Users report that after the start of the new version, a note appears, inviting you to try out the new Android Auto. A guarantee for the new design is the APK Download first reports, however, not.

New launcher and changed operation

The current update with new, darker design of the start screen in the infotainment system of the car and new operation is the first major update for Android Auto since its launch about five years ago. The design is designed less on tiles and more on app icons like on the smartphone. The launcher now displays all apps designed and supported on Android Auto. When connecting the smartphone Android Auto also continues playing music at the last paused point and switches to the navigation app, which does not necessarily have to be Google Maps. For the first time, Android Auto also supports widescreen monitors in cars and does not just leave areas on the screen black.

Android Auto will be integrated into the Google Assistant

The integration of Android Auto in the Google Assistant on smartphones that support this, but has not yet done, so the additional app is still needed. The current update thus only affects the design in the car and not on the smartphone itself, if the car does not support Android Auto. However, it is expected that this step will be completed in the next few days or weeks, with Google, unlike the I / O in May to announce the update for Android Auto no longer speaks to go this step in the summer, but only from “in the future“Talk.

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