App Store: Apple denies the preference of own apps

App Store: Apple dementiert die Bevorzugung eigener Apps

App Store: Apple denies the preference of own apps
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As the Wall Street Journal Apple, Apple manipulates the ranking of its app store so that its own applications in search enjoy priority. Apps from Cupertino can be found in the app store's ranking in the front rankings. But manipulation is not behind it, according to Apple.

Wall Street Journal raises serious allegations

“Apple dominates the search results in the App Store and thwarts competitors”, headlines the highest circulation business paper in the US, thereby accusing Apple of manipulating the ranking of apps and influencing search results. The Wall Street Journal takes on the side of some app developers, whose allegations are also in this direction.

Does Apple prefer its own apps when searching?

As the daily goes on to say, Apple apps occupy first place in the ranking in just over 60 percent of all categories, even though there are far more popular apps in this category. This is evidence of Apple's manipulation of the rankings, which in turn could lead to a massive competitive advantage for the company.

The online portal The Verge goes even further and presents examples of the alleged distortion of competition. For example, Apple's Apple Books is ranked number one in the Books category, even though the app does not have a five-star rating and only ranks 168 in popularity. Amazon's Kindle app, however, has a rating of 4.8 stars, resulting from 1.2 million reviews and yet the app is only in second place – behind Apple's own application. The situation is similar with the Apple map application, which stands as a matter of course in front of Waze and Google Maps in the ranking.

Others speak of manipulation, Apple of an algorithm

Apple negates a preference of his apps and the associated manipulation of the ranking in his App Store. Behind the results of the search query is rather a complex algorithm, which would consist of a total of 42 individual factors. However, this algorithm must not be disclosed to prevent manipulation of third parties, so Apple. Across from The Verge Apple made an official statement.

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Whether with “Many of our customers have a close connection to our products and use the search to open programs” the remarkably high ranking of many Apple apps can explain, is at least extremely questionable. The Wall Street Journal and some developers doubt that statement.

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