Apple App Store: revenue per customer more than doubled since 2015

Apple App Store: Umsatz pro Kunde seit 2015 mehr als verdoppelt

According to a study conducted by Sensor Tower, US users of Apple's App Store have been spending more and more on their apps and associated subscriptions on the iPhone in recent years. In 2018, customers generated revenue averaging $ 79 per person.

In 2015, according to the study, revenue per US user was even lower at just $ 33. Already a year later, Apple's revenue increased to 47 US dollars, which meant an increase of 42 percent. For the first time in 2017, the $ 50 barrier was surpassed, with users spending $ 58 on average for games and other programs by the end of the year. For the last year, Apple was able to grow again, here, the revenue per customer increased by 36 percent to 79 euros. Apple has more than doubled its revenue per user from the App Store in just 4 years.

Sales per capita per year in the App Store by Apple
Sales per capita per year in the Apple App Store (Image: Sensor Tower)

Increase recognizable in all segments

In addition, an increase in revenue was observed in all areas, with games still being the highest-revenue segment. Here, users spent an average of $ 44 per person in 2018 versus $ 36 in the previous year. The distance to the entertainment assortment is already very large, even if the local sales almost doubled with 8 US dollars. Music apps cost $ 5 less, before social and lifestyle apps lagged $ 4.40 and $ 3.90, all three with growth rates.

Per capita revenue and 2018 segment in the Apple App Store
Sales per capita and segment 2018 in Apple's App Store (Image: Sensor Tower)

One time payment as discontinued model

The figures include only applications purchased with the iPhone, sales for the iPad and iPod are not included in the survey. In addition, it must not be ignored that even on iOS, the subscriber model continues to progress and apps are no longer monetized as usual a few years ago. This means that users have not necessarily bought more apps despite rising expenses.

To this development also contributes to Apple, who are trying to attract developers for their subscription system for quite some time: If the customer subscribes for an app, the company admits the developer in the second year even 85 percent of revenue as revenue.

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