Apple Arcade: Curated Games Flatrate for iOS, macOS and tvOS

Apple Arcade: Kuratierte Spiele-Flatrate für iOS, macOS und tvOS

As expected, Apple has announced in the evening the first own Abodienst for games. Apple Arcade will launch in the fall of 2019 in over 150 countries and is set to begin “with over 100 new and exclusive games“Can come up. What the service will cost, says Apple, however, not yet.

No advertising, Apple has costs

All titles released by Apple Arcade will be new and exclusive to Apple Arcade. Subscribers to Apple Arcade are to be able to use any number of titles from the offer monthly, none of which should – in contrast to the previously mostly free of charge usable titles in the App Store – advertising or advertising tracking included. In-app purchases are not available at Apple Arcade either.

“The Pathless” by Annapurna Interactive

“Where Cards Fall” by Snowman

“Hot Lava” by Klei Entertainment

Scores should be synchronized across all platforms. Because games are computed on endpoints and not in the cloud, Apple Acarde should work without Internet access.

The selection of titles happens according to Apple according to the aspects “Originality, quality, creativity, fun and attractiveness for players of all ages“- so the offer is curated. In addition, Apple also helps developers with the costs. So Apple Arcade does not consist of a selection of existing, but a number in cooperation with Apple developed games together.

For iOS, tvOS and macOS

Apple Arcade will be available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, but whether this applies to every game in the catalog remains to be seen. It is quite possible, however, that Apple's efforts to make apps available for iOS this year after a first test in macOS Mojave on a broad base in macOS will also bring all iOS games to the Mac on this point – the question that remains, then would be the after the control.

Apple Arcade will be available from availability in a new tab in the App Store. At what price the service will be offered, Apple has not yet announced.

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