Apple battles 3rd party display time and parental control applications

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iOS 12 operating system in September of last year “Screen Time“” AppleWith this application, it has inspired many 3rd application developers. As a reminder, the Display Time app shares data with the user, such as how much time you spend on other mobile apps on your smartphone, or how many notifications you have received.

With the introduction of this application into our lives, developers have developed many applications on screen time tracking and parental control. The New York TimesAccording to a news share, Apple, 3rd party screen time tracking and parental control wants to remove applications from the store.

App that warns developers to change their application content, otherwise the app will be will lift also stated. According to the New York Times report, Apple, the most downloaded 17 screen time to date to follow and parental control application 11thuninstalled from the app store.

Developers argue that they have not provided clear information about the changes Apple has made, and that it is unfair to remove applications from the store. Apple is one of these applications App Store rules of the application violated the changes in the content of the application is requested, applications that do not implement these changes removed from the store said.

2 applications sued Apple

Remove apps from the App Store Kidslox and Qustodio Let us add that the practices carried the matter to the European Union last week and filed a lawsuit against Apple. Finally, Apple announced that they had removed apps from the App Store because they compromised users' privacy and security.

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