Apple can introduce its mobile gaming-oriented subscription service today!

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AppleIn a special event to be held on March 25th Netflix We have already informed you that you can promote your rival streaming service and news-driven subscription service. Today Bloomberg According to a report shared by Apple, today, the game-oriented subscription service at the event can introduce.

The claim that Apple has been working on the game subscription service was first Cheddar Let's add that it was raised by. According to shared information, Apple's gaming subscription service will provide access to a game library selected by Apple for a monthly fee.

Of course, the games in question can be played by iPhone and iPad models can be added to the iOS games. Mobile Considering that games are one of the most powerful categories of the iOS ecosystem, it makes sense for Apple to set up a subscription system for mobile games.

iOS The platform is completely free and ad supported with many games. The game focuses on the subscription service, not the games, but the paid games on the platform. According to information shared by Bloomberg in the platform Minecraft, NBA 2K games and GTA The series will include paid games like.

Let's note that Apple's subscription service will distribute revenue to game developers based on how much time users spend in the game. Detailed information about the service in question is expected to be shared as of this evening. Apple today special event We will give you all the details about.

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