Apple Card's US distribution process begins

Apple Card's US distribution process begins

Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company's first credit card a while ago Apple Cardsaid it could be used in August. Apple's Goldman Sachs'la jointly implemented for the credit card preview distribution has taken place as of today. The Apple Card will be available to all iPhone owners in the US by the end of this month.

Apple says randomly selected individuals who register to receive information about the Apple Card will be invited to sign up for the card today, but not exactly how many people will be included in the company's preview group. Least iOS 12.4 In the registration process, which requires an operating system, people must enter their address, birthday, income level and the last four digits of their social security number. Please note that this information will be sent to Goldman Sachs who will approve or refuse the application in real time.

Apple, Apple Card’s Chase Sapphire or American Express Platinum It does not compete directly with premium cards, such as The main purpose of the Apple Card is to be open to every iPhone owner. Therefore the membership requirements will not be as strict as these cards. After approval, the Apple Card will appear in the user's Apple Wallet and be available for use. Note that no extra action is required to make the card available.

Those who want to have an Apple Card physically have to apply during the installation process. To install the physical card, just touch the NFC tag on the envelope with the mail. After the installation process, the user has three card numbers. One of these numbers is the number given for the card in the phone and the other is the number of the physical card. The third number is the virtual number that allows you to shop on online platforms that do not accept payments with Apple Pay. The card does not have an expiration date or security code, and there is no number printed on it. However, you can lock the card if you insert it incorrectly or if you completely disable it from the Wallet app with a single tap.

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