Apple Design Awards 2019 winners announced

All innovations Apple announced in WWDC 2019

Apple announced yesterday the 2019 Design Award winners at WWDC 2019. While mobile games were mostly prominent among the winners this year, the winning list of health applications was also included. In order to win awards, we should remind you that the applications should come to the fore in the fields of visual design, technology and innovation.

Successful applications in these areas, as well as Apple products with the trophy was rewarded. Among the awards given included 512GB iPhone 10S, AirPods, a 512GB 12.9 inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2, a 64GB Apple TV 4K, an Apple Watch 4, a top model of the series a MacBook Pro and a fully equipped iMac Pro.

The award-winning applications will also be introduced to users on the iOS App Store. Let's take a look at these award-winning applications:

Ordiane to

Developed by Loju LTD for two years and exiled last month's concession, Ordia is an adventure game played with one finger. As a new life form in the game you are exploring the extraordinary worlds. Apple, the game between the balance between difficulty and satisfaction is well established that says.

Flow by Moleskin

Designed for drawing, sketching and writing, Flow prioritizes detail and design. In the application, Apple Pencil, gestures, iOS Drawing API and Metal technologies such as Apple are also included.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between, built by The Voxel Agents, is a single-player adventure puzzle game based on time, memory and friendship. The game received the award for its cinematic fiction and impressive experience. Stopping time in the game is one of Apple's favorite features.

Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is a car racing game featuring Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Gameloft's production of games, effects and graphics are prominent. Likewise, it is possible to say that Asphalt 9 Legends has won an award thanks to the integration of the game engine and Metal 2.

Pixelmator Photo

Photo editing app Pixelmator Photo won with the award iPad app. Especially in the application that everyone can use easily Metal and CoreML was used in Apple's award. The most prominent feature of the application at the award ceremony was the machine learning technology which proposed changes in the photographs.


ELOH, which allows the players to calm down and relax, stands out with its sound effects, graphics and animations in the background. Just like The Gardens Between, ELOH also has a new time approach. In the game that has no time constraints, users can enjoy playing with no time anxiety.

Butterfly IQ – Ultrasound

Focusing on health, this app connects to a different device so you can use ultrasound on your mobile phone. The award-winning application in the innovation field, according to Apple, carries ultrasound technology to the microchip, replacing the computer with an iOS device.

Thumper: Pocket Edition

Unusual Music rhythm app Thumper: Pocket Edition also incorporates new mechanics, such as scrolling and touching. Let's also add that the app has a soundtracke of fascinating psychic.

Homecourt: The Basketball App

The application, which is a basketball game, uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze shots. In addition, the application also uses artificial intelligence to record shots and track shots.

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