Apple introduces the new iPadOS, the exclusive operating system for the iPad in WWDC 2019

Apple introduces the new iPadOS, the exclusive operating system for the iPad in WWDC 2019

The iPad-specific operating system that Apple introduced at WWDC 2019 includes more tools on the home page of the new iPadOS. In addition, iPadOS is added to the iPad with more multi-tasking. Thanks to iPadOS, Widgets can be fixed to the screen, while Slide Over features multiple applications.

Split View and Slide Over

iPad users are now able to work with multiple files and documents on the same application at the same application thanks to the updates from Split View, or to quickly see and switch between applications on Slide Over. For example, customers can mail on one side, see another email on the other, or access multiple applications such as Messages or Calendar with a single scrolling motion. The app offers a quick view of the open windows in an app with Exposétek touch.

Users can also view and use Slide Over applications on a single screen. Similarly, in Split View, which splits the screen into two, two applications can be displayed on the same screen, and you can see the same application side by side on two separate screens.

In short, iPadOS and Apple at the same time to run two applications on a single screen feature. Moreover, this feature can be used not only in system applications such as Notes, but also in third-party applications such as Microsoft Word.

IPad with USB and SD card support

With iPadOS, files get a new look and iCloud Drive comes with folder sharing. This way, users can easily access files from work and home computers wherever they want. The Files application, which lets you quickly access and manage your documents from a single center, is now becoming better thanks to iCloud Drive file sharing support with iPadOS. Anyone with access can view the shared file on iCloud Drive and always have the latest version available.

iPadOS also supports external drives. Thus users; You can access documents from the Files app by connecting a USB drive or SD card or by connecting to an SMB file server. The new Column View with high-resolution previews helps users navigate through directories. Quick Actions, such as marking, rotating, and PDF creation, make it easier for you to be more productive with iPad. iPadOS also features native storage, new keyboard shortcuts, file compression and decompression of compressed files.

Live the desktop experience on iPAD

New features are added to the new iPadOS and Safari. The desktop-class browsing feature-winning Safari will then automatically bring the desktop view to the users instead of mobile. Similarly, there is a download manager included in the features added to Safari.

Safari is even stronger on iPad now. iPadOS automatically scales desktop versions of websites to the iPad screen and makes them suitable for tapping. Thus, web applications such as Google Docs, Squarespace and WordPress work great on Safari on iPad. Safari also includes important innovations and improvements in tab management, such as download manager and 30 new keyboard shortcuts.

Featured new features include Custom fonts and copy-and-paste features. Specifically, we can say that Apple brings the macbook experience to the iPad. Now users can easily play Cursor on iPad and copy and paste them with 3 fingers. Even users can make use of the undo feature when they make a mistake.

Finally, let's say that Apple Pencil's speed of action is increasing. 20 ms. the range of action is able to go down to 9 ms. With Apple Pencil's evolving mark-up features, you can now scan the entire document, not just a specific page. Users can swipe Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen to mark and send webpages, documents, or e-mails. Redesigned tool palette; it provides quick access to tools, color palettes, shapes, object erasers, new pixel erasers that erase any part of a beat, and a ruler that allows you to draw perfectly straight lines.

Additional iPadOS Features

  • dark Modeoffers an impressive dark color scheme that looks great all over the system and doesn't tire the eyes in dimly lit environments.

  • Custom FontsOnce installed, it can be used throughout the system. In this way, you can create great documents on iPad. Fonts from boutique and major brands such as Adobe, DynaComware, Monotype, Morisawa and Founder will be on the App Store.

  • The space-saving, QuickPath-powered new animated keyboard makes it easy to write one-handed, allowing more space for applications. Customers can activate the on-screen keyboard with the clamping motion and place them anywhere on the screen.

  • Photos The application organizes your archive, highlights the best images, automatically watches clutter and similar photos and shows important events from the previous day, month, or year. The app makes it even more useful to edit photos with new tools that are easy to set up and review. Almost all of the photo editing features can also be used for video editing.

  • Sign in with Apple feature allows you to sign in quickly and easily and confidentially on applications and websites using your Apple ID.

  • Map The app uses a new basic map, completely prepared from the top: With great street images prepared using high-resolution 3D photos, Look Around offers a new way to share your restaurant, Favorites and Favorites quickly showing your favorite

  • The App Store features a new compression method that reduces applications downloading by up to 50 percent, shrinks application updates by up to 60 percent, and thus opens up twice as fast, and faster unlocking with Face ID. performance improvements it allows the entire system to react more quickly.

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