Apple: iOS music app to replace iTunes on the Mac

Apple: iOS-Musik-App soll iTunes auf dem Mac ersetzen

With the launch of the new streaming service for video content in late March, Apple also announced a port of the TV app on the Mac. Now Apple is preparing to publish other media applications on the Mac, which would make iTunes obsolete in large parts.

So much is currently pointing out that Apple wants to realign parts of its own app portfolio. Apple could work on music, podcasts and perhaps book applications for macOS that would be added to the TV app. This reports 9to5Mac, citing Steve Troughton-Smith, a developmental Apple employee.

New applications for macOS

Among other things, it has been confirmed to the online portal that with one of the next major releases of macOS – presumably version 10.15 – the system will receive new and stand-alone music, podcast and TV applications. At the same time, the book application should also be subjected to a major redesign. So this is a sidebar similar to the news app on the Mac as well as a narrower title bar with different tabs for the library, the book and the audiobook shop with them. This indicates that the new app will be used in the future in addition to known formats such as the iOS version for the organization of Audiobooks. In addition, supposedly 9to5Mac according to own statement a first look at the Icons of the new Apps could throw.

Portings with little effort

The implementation will be done using the Apple-created marzipan technique, which focuses on a simple development of applications that will later be published on different platforms without much porting effort. This makes it much easier to later port software developed for iOS to macOS. Similar to Microsoft at the time, it is Apple's stated goal to distribute future universal apps, which can be installed on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. A corresponding development environment is expected at WWDC in early June.

Importance of iTunes is decreasing

The new announcements also leave a big question mark behind the future of iTunes. Although the new OS version should still contain iTunes, but rather due to the fact that Apple so far has no new solution for the manual synchronization of devices such as old iPods and iPhones with the Mac in petto. If this is the only reason, the end of iTunes may already be initiated. However, Apple has entered into cooperation with Samsung only in early January this year to equip their smart TVs with its own iTunes app.

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