Apple: iPhone 11 (Pro) have larger batteries and modems from Intel (Update)

Apple: iPhone 11 (Pro) haben größere Akkus und Modems von Intel

Apple: iPhone 11 (Pro) have larger batteries and modems from Intel
Picture: Apple

Apple's new iPhones are again equipped with modems from Intel. Only for the coming year with the introduction of 5G is to be expected that Apple will change from Intel to Qualcomm. In terms of runtimes, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro benefit not only from a more economical processor, but also larger batteries.

Qualcomm's billion dollar deal with Apple will come to fruition next year, when the “iPhone 12” will dominate the new mobile standard 5G for the first time. In iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, are still LTE modems from Intel, such as PCMag reported.

For the second time in a row Apple uses only modems from Intel in the new iPhones. It can be assumed that Apple relies on the XMM 7660, the Intel had presented in late 2017 together with the 5G modem XMM 8060, which was discontinued a year later before the start and replaced by the XMM 8160, which in turn after Intel's task of 5G division for smartphones was never developed to marketability.

XMM 7660 is faster and more flexible

The XMM 7660, the successor of the XMM 7560 built into the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, has faster LTE Advanced Pro after Cat. 19 with up to 1.6 Gb / s in the downlink and supports a wider range of tapes as well as enhanced capabilities for MIMO and carrier aggregation. However, Apple specifies the iPhone 11 Pro as the iPhone XS with “Gigabit capable LTE with 4×4 MIMO and LAA“. IPhone 11 is available “Gigabit capable LTE with 2×2 MIMO and LAA“. During the presentation of the new smartphones, however, there was also talk of “faster gigabit-class LTE“. How far Apple outstrips the modem is not known.

XMM 7660 allows 1.6 Gbps downlink
XMM 7660 enables 1.6 Gbit / s in the downlink (Image: Intel)

First and foremost, the XMM 7660 supports more LTE bands and can merge these via carrier aggregation to more of the 4 × 4 MIMO antennas. There are a total of 30 bands for the iPhone 11 Pro with the model number A2215 and 27 for the iPhone XS (A2097), and the same applies to the iPhone 11 (A2221) and iPhone XR (A2105). For the USA and China there are again own variants.

5G enters the iPhone in 2020

Only for the coming year should Qualcomm's billion dollar deal with Apple, which buried years of legal disputes in April, have an impact on the features of smartphones. The agreement is for six years with an option for two more years. Presumably, Apple will put for the 5G iPhone on a variant of the 5G multi-mode modem Snapdragon X55.

Qualcomm and Apple agree
Qualcomm and Apple agree (Image: Qualcomm)

Certification authority names battery sizes

Apart from the modem equipment, there are now concrete notes on the nominal charges of the built-in batteries. In view of the runtimes mentioned by Apple, despite the more efficient A13 Bionic, it was also possible to use larger rechargeable batteries, which is now confirmed by the Chinese certification authority TENAA. This calls for the iPhone 11 3,110 mAh, for the iPhone 11 Pro 3,046 mAh and for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 3,969 mAh.

Official term information from Apple

Interestingly, Apple makes no more term information about the talk time and Internet usage. On average, the battery of an iPhone 11 Pro Max should last 5 hours longer than that of an iPhone XS Max, with the iPhone 11 Pro the difference is 4 hours compared to the iPhone XS. For the iPhone 11, Apple gives an hour more than the iPhone XR.

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