Apple: iPhone 12 is set to 5nm SoC and Snapdragon X55

Apple: iPhone 12 is set to 5nm SoC and Snapdragon X55

After Apple on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro faster LTE, but not yet 5G offers is to hold with the iPhone 12, the new mobile standard. Suppliers of the required modem should be after an agreement between both companies Qualcomm. Meanwhile, Apple's A14 processor is said to come from TSMC's 5nm manufacturing facility.

For the coming year and the launch of the iPhone 12, it can be assumed that the License agreement between Apple and Qualcomm will bear fruit first. Maybe even next spring could be with the iPhone SE 2 Again, LTE modems from Qualcomm will be installed in smartphones from Apple.

With the expected introduction of the new 5G cellular standard at Apple, however, Qualcomm will definitely come into play. Because Intel has adopted at least in the 5G sector of the development of smartphone modems and is thus no longer eligible for a suitably equipped iPhone in question. For the iPhone Xs and iPhone 11 (Pro) is Intel with the XMM 7560 and 7660 the exclusive modem supplier.

Apple A14 meets Qualcomm Snapdragon X55

As Nikkei has learned from industry circles, Apple will be on the iPhone 12 on the Snapdragon X55 from Qualcomm put. This is an expected move from Apple, as the Snapdragon X55 is Qualcomm's first multi-mode modem for all known mobile standards. Apple and other smartphone vendors can cover all standards with a single chip from 2G via 3G and LTE to the new 5G.

The Snapdragon X55 modem will Apple pair with the specially developed A14 SoC. While the Snapdragon X55 is still manufactured in 7 nm, the transition to the new 5 nm node at TSMC is planned for the A14. That wants Nikkei from several sources independently confirmed. The short called “N5” production is a Announcement in April according to go into production from 2020 At 5 nm, EUV lithography is almost completely relied on; only single layers should be exposed with classical immersion lithography if the EUV advantage is too low.

iPhone 12 gets new design

Other new features of the iPhone 12 include a new camera system including a 3D camera, which should be able to better map the surrounding area via a time-of-flight sensor or a comparable solution. This should benefit apps and games in the field of augmented reality. The iPhone 12 is also three years after the iPhone X again introduce a completely new design, which should revive the edgier design of the iPhone 4 in a new version. The room also features new display sizes of 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches (OLED) and 6.1 inches (LCD).

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