Apple iPhone & iPad: iOS 13 will be released on September 19th, iPadOS 13 on September 30th.

Apple iPhone & iPad: iOS 13 erscheint am 19. September, iPadOS 13 am 30.9.

After Apple had presented the WWDC 2019 iOS 13 and the split off the smartphone operating system iPadOS 13, followed by the announcement of the new iPhones today, a release date for the new mobile operating system versions. iOS 13 will be released on September 19th, iPadOS 13 on September 30th – the update is free.

iPhone 5s and 6 no longer supported

iOS 13 supports all iPhones from the Apple A9 processor, which was first used in the iPhone 6s (Plus). The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus supported up to and including iOS 12, however, receive no update to iOS 13. Since the iPhone SE is based on the technology of the iPhone 6s, this is, however, still supplied with the update. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are delivered directly from Apple with iOS 13.

On the iPad, however, the iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air fall out of the update support with iPadOS 13, get no update to iPadOS 13 and thus remain on iOS 12. The new iPad 10.2 also starts already preinstalled with iOS 13 ,

News in iOS 13: Faster, darker, different

Apple promises not only that iOS 13 is up to twice as fast when launching apps as iOS 12, but with the new version, Apple also introduces a dark mode, the user manually or depending on the time or sunrise and Automatically enable fall. Apps like news, calendars, notes, music, photos or news appear in dark fashion with a black background. Also, the keyboard is equipped with dark buttons, also can spell on it now with swipe gestures.

Even Apple's own apps have adapted and now provides Safari with an easier way to adjust the font size in Notes additional formatting options and has revised the menu in Mail, but now about to mark an e-mail additional steps. Apple Maps, however, receives a street view, as it is known from Google Street View, which, however, initially only in the US starts and will be offered in 2020 in other countries.

In addition, the photos app has been fundamentally redesigned and not only offers a new sorting of recordings, but also the ability to edit videos directly in the app without having to switch to iMovie.

Siri becomes more natural

A major update is also available for the language assistant Siri, which now sounds much more natural, since Apple no longer merges pre-recorded sentence fragments, but via Neural Text to Speech (Neural TTS) and Deep Learning completely generates the voice output in software.

iOS 13.1 will follow on September 30th

For developers, Apple has already released several trial versions of iOS 13.1. And it seems Apple will be releasing this version as early as September 30, according to a side note to the iPhone 11 Pro launch.

News in iPadOS 13: Homescreen widgets

The iPads receive all the above mentioned changes from iOS 13, but iPadOS 13 contains further tablet-specific adaptations. On the new homescreen, the app icons are now much closer together, so that fit up to 30 apps on a home screen. The dock spans the full width of the screen, accommodating ten applications and three recent applications. Also for widgets is henceforth in limited form space on the homescreen directly next to the app icons – free place as Android, they can not be.

Safari uses the iPadOS 13 desktop view and offers a download manager, since Apple has donated the Files app numerous new features, which for the first time also USB sticks are supported.

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