Apple Maps: the new cartographic application displays more details and protects the data

Apple has completed its redesigned map application and is now offering it to all users in the United States. At the next stage, implementation in Europe is planned for the coming months. The new map view is much more detailed than before. Also wants Apple be better than Google in terms of data protection.

The new map app has been improved with full views of streets, buildings, parks, airports, shopping malls and more. On the maps of the United States, there is much more detail than with the previous version. One for the Texan Abilene The comparison image made by Apple shows a drastic difference in the level of detail between the old and the new view in several ways.

Level of detail of old and new versions of Apple Maps (Image: Apple)

With the update of the maps, new functions appear, among which the “look around” function for large cities. These are interactive street-level images with high resolution 3D photography as well as smooth and flowing transitions across major cities. The view is comparable to Street View in Google Maps and is currently available in New York, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Oahu. Implementation for another location is planned by Apple, but has no date yet. With “Flyover”, Apple offers a way to discover the main cities selected with photo-realistic 3D views.

Favorite place collections

The “collections”, which are user-created lists of restaurants, sites and other favorite places you want to visit, or the best websites for your next big vacation, are also new. Lists can be shared with other users.

When browsing with the Apple map app, favorites allow quick and easy navigation to the places you visit every day. Once the location is in the favorites on the start screen, navigation to the home, work or gym can be started with a tap.

Apple is committed to data protection

Apple only determines the data required for this purpose on the user’s terminal. Apple wants to devote a lot of attention to the subject of data protection with its own mapping application, as it has recently passed through almost all of the Group’s products.

Collections / navigation to common destinations / internal maps
Collections / Navigation to common destinations / Inland maps (Image: Apple)

As the company explains, for example, Apple Maps does not require registration and the application is not linked to the user’s Apple ID. Custom features, such as a suggested start time for the next appointment, are “with the help of intelligence on the device“Created. In addition, he says:All the data collected by the cartographic application during its use, such as B. Search terms, navigation routes and traffic information are linked to random identifiers which are constantly reset. Maps goes a step further to hide a user’s location on Apple servers when it searches for a location using a process called “fuzzing”.“Neither the user search nor the location history is saved.

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