Apple unveils its new wireless headset AirPods Pro!

Apple unveils its new wireless headset AirPods Pro!

Appleis the first fully wireless headset model airpods introduced to you in September 2016 we transfer. Apple has not changed the design of the AirPods model in the past 3 years, Apple has announced a new AirPods model with wireless charging only in recent months.

Yesterday, Apple introduced a new model of silent, quiet, AirPods Pro model officially unveiled. As it can be understood from the Pro jewelry, the most important feature of AirPods Pro which has new features unlike the standard AirPods is “Active Noise Canceling“technology.

Introducing a completely new design concept, AirPods Pro is like its competitors in the market. inner ear headphone case with design. AirPods Pro is water and sweat resistant thanks to IPX4 certification, with a single charge 5 hours offers up listening time. With Active Noise Canceling and Transparent Mode turned off, AirPods Pro offers up to 5 hours of listening time wireless charge supported also has a charging box.

The charge box of the AirPods Pro can be used as a powerbank just like the old models. AirPods Pro with charging case More than 24 hours much It also offers listening time. AirPods Pro, which also features fast charging technology, offers a 1-hour listening time with a 5-minute charge.

Using the H1 chip, which is also used in the 2nd generation AirPods, AirPods Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology. Finally, the AirPods Pro 249 dollarIn our country, $ 1899 price tag will be available for sale. If you need to compare the 2nd generation AirPods model in our country $ 1099Prices starting from.

Abroad October 30 There is no information about when the AirPods Pro model, which will be opened for pre-order, will be available in our country.

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