Apple will use the fingerprint sensor technology embedded into the screen in 2021

Apple will use the fingerprint sensor technology embedded into the screen in 2021

In 2017 Face ID supported iPhone X taking the first step to release the fingerprint sensor Applewill start using fingerprint sensor technology again. Last year with iPhone XS, XS Max and XR Touch ID Apple, the famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoAccording to 2021 Embedded fingerprint sensor technology into the screen will start using.

According to shared information 2021 to be introduced in iPhone The face ID technology and the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen will be used together. In this way, iPhone models will be used together with two different security options.

Nowadays many Android both the fingerprint sensors embedded in the display and the face recognition technology and offer these two security options to be used together. First in the first months of 2018 Vivo’s X20 Plus UD model with the embedded fingerprint sensors in our lives today, many high-end Android smartphone model is used.

Apple has been working on fingerprint sensors at the bottom of the screen since 2017, own patent also have case. Let's add that the fingerprint sensor inside the screen is a technology that is still developing.

The biggest problems of the currently embedded fingerprint sensors are the increase in power consumption, the smaller detection areas and the slower operation of the conventional fingerprint sensor. Apple will continue to work to eliminate these problems until 2021, just like Qualcomm Ultrasonic fingerprint detection technology To use. Finally, the fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen Apple Watch models can also be used.

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