Apple's suppliers dug tunnel to steal iPhone components

Apple's suppliers dug tunnel to steal iPhone components

Leakage of the highly anticipated technological products before their introduction has become a commonplace in the technology sector. Almost all important for about 6 years smart telephone models or other technological products and design details are leaked.

Today the Information A report by Apple shows how Apple tries to cope with these leaks. Apple's first major leak scandal iPhone 5C model. Before introducing the design details of the iPhone 5C the leaked Apple then established a new security unit within the factory, took the first step to prevent leaks.

New Product Security Team (NPS) security unit Appleto monitor its suppliers and assembly partners in China. The main objective of the security unit is to find out how employees leak information about new devices and to prevent these methods.

The iPhone 5C leak in question is one of Apple's suppliers Jabilwas made by an employee of. With the help of a security guard, the employee could pass cameras and controls, and leaked information about the iPhone 5C.

The shared report also mentions other leaks prevented by the NPS security unit. For example, an employee was caught digging a tunnel to remove components associated with a product to be introduced. Although the NPS security unit continues to function, Apple and continues to pose a threat to other technology firms.

To remind you, Apple still introduces leaks every year about smart phones. Expected to be introduced in September iPhone 11 The design of the model has recently been leaked. In addition to Apple Samsung, Google and Huawei important companies such as leakage scandals have faced over the years.

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