Artificial intelligence supported booking app is activated for Google Duplex, iOS and Android devices

Artificial intelligence supported booking app is activated for Google Duplex, iOS and Android devices

In October of last year, Googleartificial intelligence support Google DuplexWe have shared with you that the test process started in 4 cities. Google Duplex is now available in the US for iOS and Android 5.0 devices.

Last May At the Google I / O developer conferenceDuring the original demo, Duplex's system imitated human speech, and it was strange for people to instantly make an artificial intelligence boat sound like a human being. Those who were there also wondered if the show was fake.

Because that day, Google Duplex, both a restaurant reservation and hairdresser had managed to make appointments. The most important feature of Google Duplex is that it is able to give the impression of not talking to an artificial intelligence, but talking to a real person. As such, it brought some questions about the concept of ethics. But with Google's testing process, people wondered what they were looking for.

Since technology was introduced from the concept, Google added a message at the beginning of the call to indicate that the incoming call was from Google, and explained why the call was made. It is also designed to allow businesses to request that they receive automated calls. Although Duplex is able to make other types of reservations, it is currently focusing on restaurant bookings. For restaurants using an online booking service that is already in common with Google, Google Assistant works directly with Reserve with Google to confirm the reservation.

Google Duplex can also be used to check business information. According to Google, this data will then be used to update the business listing. With the increase in the number of users, it is said that the capabilities of Google Duplex will be further developed.

This feature, which can only be used on Google's Pixel smartphones in the early days, will appeal to a wider audience in the future. However, Google does not share any information about the timeline.

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