Artificial intelligence supported group chat application: Capture

Artificial intelligence supported group chat application: Capture

About 3 years ago Alexey Moiseenkov, Oleg Poyaganov, Ilya Frolov and Andrey Usoltsev Developed by Prisma A photo editing application named. Having achieved great success in a short period of time, Prisma has been downloaded more than 70 million times and has become one of the most used applications in 70 countries.

He is one of the founders of Prisma Labs, the roofing company of Prisma implementation. Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hardy appeared with a new application. Capture Technologiesreleased Prisma Labs, their first binary application, Capture.

Capture Technologies, a venture focused on artificial intelligence, General Catalyst, Sociale Capital and Mail.Ru Groupin total $ 1 million seed investment. For now only iOS Capture application in the coming months, Android platform will also be available for use.

Aiming to change people's use of social media through artificial intelligence support Captureautomatically recognizes photos uploaded to the platform and creates various chat channels. Users can then go to a chat channel about the area of ​​interest and chat in real time.

For example, if you upload a photo of a football stadium to the platform, you will get suggestions about football or soccer teams. applications Spotify and Apple Music Let's add that it works in an integrated way with. Thanks to these integrations, songs, albums or artists can be found in the chat channels.

Capture, which will allow you to communicate with people of particular interest to the same subject, photos thanks to aims to bring together people interested in similar subjects. Let's add that no private messages can be sent within the capture platform.

In addition to chat channels selfie Chat mode The application that randomly matches people with is aimed at users to chat on news, popular concerts, new albums and other popular topics. User rating discovery tab they can also participate in chat channels related to the category of their choice. You can download Capture for free here.

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