Atlas: Mega Update 1.5 and 50% discount for pirate MMO [Notiz]

Atlas: Mega-Update 1.5 und 50% Rabatt für Piraten-MMO

Bumpy was the pirate MMO Atlas the makers of ARK: Survival Evolved launched in the early access phase. Until today, especially technical problems spoil the fun. This does not stop the developers from focusing on new content in the biggest patch yet. The waves should also smooth the temporarily halved price.

Patch 1.5 turns the game world around

Among other things, the game world is fundamentally reworked with the “Mega-Update 1.5”. More land masses, a new map layout, a deep-sea trench as a new biome with creatures like the giant crab, a submarine, snow sceneries, player shops or the guillotine belong to the new content. The frequently criticized claim system was revised again. All changes can be found in the official patch notes.

In parallel, a discount campaign was launched: Until 15 April 2019 Atlas on Steam for half price of 12.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros to have.

The mega-update also causes problems

Meanwhile, the Grapeshot Games team continues to struggle with negative reviews. On Steam the rating is still “mostly negative”. With the patch released yesterday, more negative than positive reviews have been added. The main reason for this may be problems with the patch, which affected, among other things, the availability of the game server and one Speicherbug brought with.

The team is struggling with punctual startups anyway: The publication of Atlas in December 2018 was postponed several times.

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