Audio assistant with artificial intelligence for games: Fridai

Audio assistant with artificial intelligence for games: Fridai

Artificial intelligence assisted voice assistants is becoming more and more popular every day. Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants with artificial intelligence support are generally used to perform simple operations.

Today Fridau Unlike its competitors, the voice assistant is focused on games. Serving as a virtual assistant for gamers and gamers, Fridai answers the questions asked in the game focus. Aiming to be the perfect playmate Fridai, both PC as well as mobile applications through.

Fridai voice assistant, which can be used in integration with social media accounts short videos or screen images can also save. Let's add that Fridai can share these screenshots through your social media accounts.

Fridai answers questions in the specific game you play, how to make money in the game, the most valuable animals in the game as well as which are the details can give answers. Audio assistant shared by Fridai Red Dead Redemption 2 We see his detailed answers to questions about the game. Fridai, a voice assistant that is activated only when you speak to him, may become indispensable for players in the future.

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