Augmented Reality: Apple plans iPad Pro with 3D sensor and AR glasses

Augmented Reality: Apple plant iPad Pro mit 3D-Sensor und AR-Brille

Apple wants to put more emphasis on the topic of augmented reality from next year, as from a recent report from Bloomberg evident. At first, the iPad Pro plays an important role before the iPhone gets advanced AR features. For the following years, an AR glasses from Apple is planned.

Not the next iPhone, but already the next iPad Pro, which will come on the market in the first half of 2020, is a report by Bloomberg Apple's first device with advanced augmented reality capabilities.

Responsible for this will be a new dual instead of single camera with an additional 3D sensor that will allow users to create and interact with three-dimensional images of spaces, objects and people. The 3D sensor has been in development at Apple for several years and plays a central role in the realization of the new AR functions. According to people familiar with Apple's plans, the 3D sensor is a more advanced version of the sensors used for Face ID. Face ID is Apple's biometric unlocking method across the face of the user, which has been in use since the 2017 launch of the iPhone X.

iPhone 12 with AR camera and 5G

The next iPhone will also be equipped with this technology. His presentation is expected for the rest of next year, usually in September. In addition to the 3D sensor is the upcoming iPhone reportedly have a new design in the style of the iPhone 4 and for the first time to support the new mobile standard 5G. After the withdrawal of Intel and the resignation of the license dispute with Qualcomm Apple already has a suitable supplier for the required 5G modem.

Apple develops AR hardware off-campus

Around 1,000 developers are working on the new AR projects in sunny Sunnyvale off the Apple campus in Cupertino. Led by VP Mike Rockwell, the team is comprised of gaming, iPhone hardware, software development and manufacturing executives. Even former NASA engineers, game developers and graphics experts to be on board the team.

Slight AR glasses planned for 2023

After iPad Pro and iPhone, Apple wants to go with AR glasses the next big step in terms of a completely new hardware product. In 2021 or 2022, an AR and VR headset with a focus on gaming, video and virtual conferences is to be launched on the market. Originally, the market launch should have happened this year or next, before Apple postponed the plans. 2023 is to follow the first AR and VR headset, a light AR glasses from Apple.

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