Austria: Huawei confirms plans for research center

Österreich: Huawei bestätigt Pläne für Forschungs­zentrum

Austria: Huawei confirms plans for research center
Image: Huawei

Huawei 5G chief ChaoBin Yang confirmed at an event in Austria that the company is currently looking for a location and staff for a future research and development center in Austria.

Which Huawei locations are currently being audited remains unknown. In advance, however, Vienna had repeatedly been traded as a location. At the Darwin's Circle digital conference, the 5G chief commented on the rumors about the planned research and development center this morning as part of a lecture on 5G, in which he called for a shift from competition regulation to promoting innovation.

50 contracts for 5G expansion

Yang did not comment on the ongoing conflict with the US government, saying that Huawei has so far completed 50 contracts with mobile operators worldwide to build 5G mobile networks, of which 28 are for Europe. As part of these contracts, so far about 200,000 5G base stations have been delivered.

No exclusion from the 5G expansion in Austria

Austria too does not share the US government's concerns about Huawei's involvement in building a nationwide 5G mobile network due to Chinese espionage. Austria's former Transport Minister Norbert Hofer (FPÖ), who was also responsible for technology, had stated that Huawei would not be excluded from the expansion of a 5G network. The Austrian mobile operator A1 does not rely on Huawei for the expansion of a 5G network, Magenta Telekom, which was previously called T-Mobile Austria, and Hutchison “H3” Huawei but can still hope for a consideration. Magenta boss Andreas Bierwirth described the reports on health risks caused by 5G radiation at the Darwin's Circle as a “fake news”, which must be actively rebutted.

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