Automate your life with IFTTT!

A very useful application that allows you to synchronize all of your plans together and to advance your daily life and social media accounts together: IFTTT.

The name, If This Than That conjunctions from the field application, in Turkish means; If that happens, do it. More specifically, for example, if my profile photo changes in my Twitter account, then change my Facebook profile photo. It saves time and makes life easier with the variables of daily life. If it’s raining tomorrow, you can give commands via messenger, the application can be used on phones with Android operating systems.

ifttt tools

Let us also know how to use the application. You are redirected from the moment you download and open the application on your phone. You can see the photos on your Instagram tweet, save photos on your phone automatically on Google Drive, and when you leave home, Wifi turns off automatically. With these options, you can also set up an alarm to report calls that you have not logged in, automatically add a song you like on Youtube to your Spotify list, and turn off bluetooth when your charge is low.

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