Autonomous electric scooter with design: Pal

Autonomous electric scooter with design: Pal

Stylish, foldable, conscious … These features belong to Pal, an autonomous and electric scooter. Pal is a prototype now, artificial intelligence technology and deep learning is a mobile platform conscious. This means that the autonomous e-scooter, which has recorded a route with the user's Pal, makes it possible for the user to reach the same route without interruption.

Pal is a joint venture between Layer, a UK-based design agency, and Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio. Pal, moduler can be hanged like a piece of art on the wall with its round lines and futuristic look. with an electric battery. The battery can be charged in the trunk of any Nio vehicle or in the user's home.

When a smartphone application is installed on the scooter's electronics, a small, hard-to-see display on it shows the speed and remaining charge.

The Pal's steering column can be fitted with a range of accessories including bags, baskets and even a shopping cart. KWhen it comes to driving, all he has to do is give Pal a voice command. Nomi, a Nio-owned system, makes Pal smart. The company is the AI ​​assistant, Nomi had developed for electric cars.

The autonomous e-scooter is just like a prototype. The e-scooter that will be unveiled at the Milan Design Week does not currently have a pricing strategy or any sales date.

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