Become a Game Developer with Freelancer Simulator!

I don't know if you like to play simulation, but this game is addictive! Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition by name On Google Play Store Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in the Apple App Store.

Freelancer, a simulator with a simple interface, as the name suggests, is a game developer. Freelancer a game you pretend to be.


Freelancer Simulation and One-Tap!

Your goal is software, design, management, 3D modeling, marketing, etc. develop applications and earn money with inbound contracts, produce applications and programs, and find teammates who specialize in different areas like you.

When you do all this, you have to feed your stomach and follow your health. If you forget to eat, you could starve.

The more things you do, the more jobs you get. You must also click on the player who is sitting at the table each time you make a contract or develop your own skills. Each click will accelerate the process. So in fact it is both a simulation and a one-tap game.


As I said before, the interface has simple and eye-catching graphics. You can continue playing the game without your Internet. 3.5 for the gamers, 3.6 for the graphics and 3.6 for the controls. Google Play Store with the number of 500,000+ download application, can be downloaded at a price of $ 0.99 and Turkish language support is not available.

I bought the game with the money I earned from the Google Award Surveys application. Earlier How to make money with Google Awarded Surveys I told you.

Prove You're the Best!

In the game you do not earn money by developing flat skills and contracting. You really need to know something because you are joining the Hackathons every 30 days during the game. Easy, medium and difficult to join the Hackathon with three separate challenges and test your information.


While developing and selling projects in the game, you have fans. Sometimes companies send money to support you. You can also rent out some of the shops in the city.

In-game purchasing is also available. You also have diamonds that you can spend on certain features in the game. With these diamonds, you can increase the impact of each click and buy surprise boxes. You can buy 20 diamonds for each level jump and you can buy it if you wish.

If you want to test yourself and experience a small Freelancer experience, you can download and play the game from the link below.

Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition
Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition

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