Bilingual 4th Edition Hafiz Talking Doll This is the sight of the latest hafiz hafizah 2018. Kontenny

Bilingual 4th Edition Hafiz Talking Doll

This is the latest hafiz hafizah appearance 2018. The content is also more than the bilingual version.


Additional Features on Hafiz Talking Doll

Hadiths for children, about:
1. Learn and study
2. Dedicated to parents
3. Say good or quiet
4. Give charity
5. Key to heaven
6. Prohibition on taking person's goods
7. Hold angry
8. Closing the aurat
9. Love each other
10. The smile is alms

Halal and illegal:
1. What is halal and illegal
2. Halal food and beverages
3. Illegal eating dead carcasses
4. Can keep dogs
5. Statues prevent the arrival of angels of mercy
6. Haram open aurat
7. Why wine and gambling are prohibited
8. Why gold and silk are haram for men
9. Is the bank interest illegal?

Discovery of Muslims:
1. Coffee
2. Surgical tools
3. Airplane
4. University
5. Algebra and zero numbers
6. Camera
7. Music
8. Brushes
9. Hospitals
10. Globe
11. Marching band
12. Guitar
13. Robot
14. Hours
15. Cleanliness

Historic place Muslims:
1. Ka'bah and masjidil harom
2. Masjid nabawi
3. Masjid al-aqsho
4. Dome mosque
5. Cave hiro
6. Masjid Raya baiturrahman
7. Masjid Agung Demak
8. Masjid istiqlal
9. Masjid Agung Banten
10. Mosque of the tower of the sanctuary

Thoyyibah sentence:
1. Basmallah, the opener of everything
2. Istighfar, seeking forgiveness of Allah
3. Greetings, prayer for salvation for all
4. Tahlil, testify to the Presence of God
5. Tahmid, worship for God
6. Thank God, keep the sanctity of God

Emulate sounds like “Talking Tom” toys (adult sounds, kids, animals and robots)

Reminder for activity:
1. Wake up
2. Bath
3. Sholat
4. Drink milk
5. Breakfast
6. Learn
7. Help parents
8. Paying
9. Eat
10. Sleep
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