Bird launches the new generation e-scooter Bird One

Bird launches the new generation e-scooter Bird One

Bird, a pioneer in the world of electric scooters, is preparing to launch an e-scooter model that the consumer can purchase. The scooter, named Bird One, will have a pre-order price of $ 1,299 in the US, while users will be able to travel about 50 km on a single charge.

E-scooters, which will be available in white, black and pink colors, will be part of the Bird fleet that can be rented in the streets. According to the initiative, Bird One will be able to rent Los Angeles residents for the first time.

Bird One is a new generation e-scooter after Bird Zero. The e-scooter draws its attention with its new safety features, long range and battery life. The E-scooter's battery lasts twice as long as the previous generation Bird One. This means more distance travel with a single charge.

Established nearly two years ago, Bird is a global leader in the e-scooter market today. The enterprise, which continues to expand in the market, has so far received an investment of $ 415 million.

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