Bluetooth underwear: Telekom couples the panties again for Valentine’s Day

Bluetooth-Unterwäsche: Telekom koppelt zum Valen­tins­tag erneut die Höschen

Bluetooth underwear: Telekom couples the panties again for Valentine's Day
Picture: Deutsche Telekom

After the start of Deutsche Telekom’s Connected Underwear limited to 1,000 sets from the Love Magenta series in October 2019, it was sold out within a very short time. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Telekom is relaunching the Bluetooth underwear and bringing it back to the market from February 6.

The second edition of Love Magenta Connected Underwear is also a limited edition. This time there are a total of 4,500 sets, which are not only intended for Germany, but for all of Europe. After that, there will be no further requirements, Telekom told ComputerBase. The networked underwear is available from today in the Deutsche Telekom online shop. A set for him and her, you and him or him and him costs again 25 euros, whereby the combination of size and style is again freely selectable.

With “LoveMode” in the “LoveZone”

The principle of the Bluetooth underwear is unchanged: The Bluetooth beacons with a size of 4.3 × 2.4 × 0.3 cm and a weight of 6 grams each are put in bags in the underwear and used with the mobile app “Connected Underwear ”for Android or iOS. The chip is automatically activated by movement while being carried and sends a Bluetooth signal to the partner’s smartphone within the “LoveZone” (radius of 5 meters). The partner receives a message on his smartphone. This invites him to switch on “LoveMode”. The underwear then temporarily silences the smartphone, a playlist is played and a romantic screen saver is started, which should draw the focus on togetherness.

Absurd product to get attention

Wolfgang Kampbartold, Vice President International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom, says that with Connected Underwear, they deliberately developed an absurd product. You want to get attention with humor, counteract the digital alienation of young couples and see connected underwear as a last resort if nothing else helps. 39 percent of 18 to 34 year olds believe that reaching for a smartphone in bed prevents an intimate exchange. Nevertheless, almost half of the users surveyed in this age group use their smartphone in bed, even if their partner is wrong.


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