Browser: Chrome 74 brings Dark Mode for Windows 10

Browser: Chrome 74 bringt Dark Mode für Windows 10

Google has begun with the distribution of the new Chrome version 74, with which now the Dark Mode also with users of Windows 10 is moving. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, the new browser edition includes better pop-up windows and movement restrictions.

Dark Mode now also under Windows

Already with Chrome 73 could be used under macOS the dark representation for the Browser, now this is also without detours under Windows 10 usable. The browser thus receives the same appearance as when using the incognito mode ', whereby the menu bars appear dark gray and text white or gray. However, the function is coupled to the orientation of the operating system, manual activation is currently only possible if the browser with the additional parameters --force-dark-mode is started. Whether an official manual adjustment makes this detour superfluous in the future is still unclear.

Initially, Google is only making the new feature available to a limited number of users. Apparently, developers still want to check the reliability before the new mode is activated for all users. This may still take a few weeks. Users who want to try the dark mode immediately can also activate it via the parameters described above.

With Chrome 74, the developers take another step against the sometimes annoying form of pop-up windows: If a visitor wants to leave a website, an additional window opens, which tries to prevent the user from his attempt or simply displays further advertising. Regardless of the respective settings in the popup blocker, Chrome in the new version now basically blocks such actions.

Reduced movements

Not infrequently websites are overloaded with animations, which users find annoying. While in the past these were mostly caused by Flash components and only the corresponding plugin had to be disabled in order to eliminate them, more and more HTML and CSS follow the succession of Adobes into the irrelevant technology. Like Firefox and Safari, Chrome 74 can now tell a website that the user does not want to use animation. Web developers can use this setting based on the Media Query prefers-reduced-motion: reduce query and reduce animations or completely renounce. For this, however, appropriate instructions must be stored in the CSS files – if this is not the case, the new function does not work.

New version should be loaded quickly

In addition, Google has closed 39 vulnerabilities in the new version of the browser. Even though none of them are classified as particularly critical by the developers, users should nevertheless upgrade to the new version, since the potential danger is classified as high, at least for five gaps.


  • Google Chrome

    3.6 stars

    Chrome is a very fast browser with many extensions and great developer tools.

    • Version 74.0.3729 German

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