Browser: Firefox 70 Blocks Tracking by Facebook and Co.

Browser: Firefox 70 blockt Tracking durch Facebook und Co.

Browser: Firefox 70 Blocks Tracking by Facebook and Co.

With Firefox 70 Mozilla makes the protection against the pursuit of the user by Facebook, Twitter and Co standard. The content-sharing widgets on many pages allow the platforms to track users on the web outside of their own offerings.

More protection against the persecution in the network

The protection against “Scripts for activity tracking through social networks“Belongs with the new version of the browser to the standard extent of the”Improved protection for activity tracking“. By default, which can only be exempted for manually-defined Web pages, it also blocks cookies that allow for cross-site tracking, tracking in supposedly private windows, and background-enabled crypto-miners.

Mozilla Firefox 70 blocks the tracking of social networks
Mozilla Firefox 70 blocks the tracking of social networks

With Firefox 70 also the integrated password manager was revised, who can now access the Firefox monitor and therefore warn users should access data have been stolen in a publicly known hack.

Web renderer also with iGPUs from Intel

Of course, version 70 should be faster again than its predecessor. In addition to optimizations to the JavaScript engine, the circle of users using the GPR-accelerated web renderer with Firefox 67 has also been expanded. The feature is now also available on Intel Windows 10 and iGPU desktops with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. So far, the function was only available on computers with GPUs from Nvidia (Firefox 67) or AMD (Firefox 68).

All further changes that Mozilla has integrated into Firefox 70 can be found in the Release Notes for download.

Incidentally, on ComputerBase, readers had to turn on the social networking widgets since 2011 to use them. Without manual activation there was no data exchange with the social networks. Since the new design, all social media buttons embedded on ComputerBase are common HTML links. By simply calling a ComputerBase page, no data is transmitted to the social networks. Only when clicking on the links, a contact is made.


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