Bungie: Destiny developers are planning several new brands

Bungie: Destiny-Entwickler planen mehrere neue Marken

Bungie: Destiny developers are planning several new brands
Picture: Bungie

Bungie plans to bring more games to the market after the separation of Publisher Activision by 2025, with the addition of Destiny other, new brands to be established. Until then, the company wanted “one of the best entertainment companies in the world” become.

This announcement was made by Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie IGN, The necessary capital comes, among other things, from an investment by NetEase from last year. There Bungie still spoke of the fact that several teams should work on new projects.

More service worlds

What is meant by this is substantiated by the statements of Parsons. Planned are other game brands that follow a certain concept, in the words of Parsons: “New worlds, for which people are enormously interested“Like Destiny, which is a place to travel and make friendships. This broadly outlines an MMO or service model; A similar self-image of growing, dynamic worlds that continue stories has other shooters like The Division 2 as well.

Although Bungie wants to create several pillars, the starting point for this ambitious development ispretty specific way“To be an entertainment heavyweight Destiny. The development of the brand wanted to take the now independent studio into their own hands and make their own ideas, which Parsons once again emphasized: Destiny should become stronger a single, constantly evolving world. This transformation is the current effort.

Shadowkeep arouses interest

A first indicator of the success of this strategy is the Shadowkeep Add-On. The expansion released today is the first DLC Bungie releases and initiates the game's move to Steam. There, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep currently finds interest: The DLC can be found in normal and deluxe version on the squares two and three of the current top sellers list. A first step Bungie has done so successfully. For the implementation of the grandiloquy plans, however, it will be just as important to bind players permanently.

Destiny is currently on the top of the Steam Charts
Destiny is currently on the top of the Steam Charts

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