Call of Duty 2020: Treyarch takes over and builds Black Ops 5

Call of Duty 2020: Treyarch übernimmt und baut Black Ops 5

Starting this week, Treyarch will take the lead in developing the Call of Duties for the year after next, which will become Black Ops V after a reboot. This replaces the studio Raven and Sledgehammer, who have previously led the development.

At least this is reported Kotaku citing three sources. The reason for this is tensions between the two studios, the project was called “chaos“Described. The decision breaks the usual rotation cycle between Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch.

The change, which can be assumed to be the largest change in the serial format for years, has considerable effects: Treyarch completed last year Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII and now by the exchange of studios for the series of the year 2020 only two years time for the game.

Treyarch is about to reboot

Treyarch should actually program large parts of a game according to the sources of the site, because the replacement of the previous studios means a restart of the development. Originally the Call of Duty was set to play during the Cold War, speculating on a Vietnam setting – now it will become Black Ops V, which is likely to appear as a cross-platform game for the current and upcoming generation of consoles expected in the fall of 2020 ,

However, Treyarch alone does not have to work, Sledghammer and Raven are to support and to convert their previous work into a single player campaign for the new project. Some employees express their displeasure about the low development time and are already arming for a “brutal number of overtime hoursHowever, Kotaku also mentions voices that speak of a solid and largely lashed-up plan, unlike the previous games, which is unlikely to change.

Black Ops 4 is not enough

In addition, Activision plans to introduce a free-to-play business model into the series. The internally not uncontested considerations have been triggered by Black Ops IIII, whose long-term sales did not meet expectations, says the report. Activision is therefore currently investigating whether a free-to-play component for the Call of Duty of the current year makes sense.

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